HERS Rating Services

Here at Delta Enclosures, LLC, we offer a variety of energy solutions to assist builders, architects, and homeowners meet the most recent 2015 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) amendments in the Ninth edition of the Massachusetts building code and Stretch Energy Code requirements.

Massachusetts amended version of the 2015 IECC and Stretch Code requires 3rd party verification, by a RESNET Certified HERS rating company for all Residential New Construction and Full Remodels.

Delta Enclosures offers 3rd party verification services to help ease the transition and provide clarity to these new requirements.

These services include;

  • Energy Modeling & Plan analysis: Delta Enclosures uses both REM RATE and Ekotrope to deliver a comprehensive whole-building energy model that provides an in depth look into a buildings performance. From there we can accurately predict a building energy use and assure the project will meet building code requirements.

  • Rough-in / mid-point Inspections: Delta Enclosures provides a thorough inspection to verify incentive program checklists and to insure the proper install of insulation and air-sealing techniques.

  • Performance Testing and Verification: With the use of state of the art blower doors, duct leakage and ventilation equipment, Delta Enclosures can measure the infiltration rates or "Leakiness" of a building/unit.

  • Massachusetts RNC program: Also referred to as the Mass Save New Construction Program. Depending on location, fuel type, overall performance and equipment types the builder/homeowner may be eligible to receive significant financial incentives for efficient new construction and gut rehabs as quantified by a HERS Rating. Delta Enclosures aims to maximize all rebates and will submit all necessary paperwork to Utility sponsors.

  • Energy Star v.3.1: As an Energy Star partner, we provide builders with the opportunity to label their projects as an Energy Star Certified Home, having met the quality and efficiency standard that help you stand out over a home build to code.

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Brandon | Principal/HERS Rater

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