AeroBarrier "Air-sealing Your Project Has Never Been Easier"

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

AeroBarrier is a revolutionary air sealing technology that has been rapidly expanding throughout the United States and Canada.

Talked among big names like Matt Risinger with the "Build Show" and Gord Cooke with "Construction Instruction", AeroBarrier is a new and innovative envelope sealing technology that simultaneously measures and seals leaks in a building’s envelope allowing builders to “dial in” the precise level of leakage and performance quickly and easily.

NO LONGER do we have to worry about that dreaded blower door number right before close or having to settle with costly spray foam applications that cut into your bottom line... Or even wondering whether or not the Sheetrock crew actually glued the perimeter of the drywall.

With AeroBarrier you can now effectively air seal an entire building envelope in just 60 to 90 minutes, cutting down what used to take a minimum of 3+ days to achieve. This dramatically saves time, material and labor costs and removes the guesswork involved in the current or “traditional” air sealing methods.

Watch the videos below to learn more about this cutting-edge process.

Delta Enclosures will be one of the first AeroBarrier dealers in Massachusetts. Give us a call (508) 397-3730 today to schedule your first AeroBarrier application. Introductory rates for first time Builders & General Contractors. Don't forget to ask about our HERS Rating & AeroBarrier bundle packages!



Brandon Velasquez | Principal/HERS Rater

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